In One Wind

How Bright a Shadow!

by John Garratt

14 August 2011

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In One Wind

How Bright a Shadow!

US: 16 Aug 2011

In One Wind is a new band that embodies a great deal of indie rock’s most baffling traits. The songs meander, the lyrics waffle, moods are stitched together like jump-cuts, and the vocals sound disaffected at best (especially when coming from one of the token female members that so many bands have these days). In addition to all of this, every song from their debut album How Bright a Shadow! have to billy club you with at least one major tempo and/or meter shift. Not because the spirit calls for it, but because it’s clever. Flutes, reeds and violins fly through the mix, creating an uncomprehending stewy mess masquerading as “experimental”.

How Bright a Shadow!


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