Botanical Bullets

We Bleed Fluorescent

by D.M. Edwards

9 October 2011

cover art

Botanical Bullets

We Bleed Fluorescent

(Self Released)
US: 14 Jun 2011
UK: Available by digital download

The best parts of this five track EP are the juxtaposing of instrumental loops, groovy vocals, and nagging rhythms. At those times, Botanical Bullets cranks a haunting and impressive sound. But there are a few problems on We Bleed Fluorescent. Opener “Fantastic Romantic” is neither, relying as it does, upon an imitation of what may be the least sincere hand-claps in history.  And although title track has an exciting, agitated, groove which builds to a lovely frisson, its vocals lack power. 

“Little Miss Shotgun” repeats a well-trod formula: start with drone, insert sampled, fresh, soulful vocals (in this case: doo-wop), add your own beats, season with Eastern flavor and hope to equal hip sophistication. It may be formulaic, but it is so well done that it also may be the best track here. I’m reminded of the unheralded mixologists Mr. Geoffrey & J.D. Franzke, and the madcap Mike Freemont.  Botanical Bullets isn’t signed to any label and easily might be ignored, but the duo has some genuine, funky, promise.

We Bleed Fluorescent


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