G.F. Fitz-Gerald and Lol Coxhill

The Poppy Seed Affair

by Jedd Beaudoin

1 November 2011

cover art

G.F. Fitz-Gerald and Lol Coxhill

The Poppy Seed Affair

US: 2 Aug 2011
UK: 1 Aug 2011

Loops and found sounds and prepared guitar and all manner of experimentation, oh my. Varying degrees of success can be found across G.F. Fitz-Gerald and Lol Coxhill’s The Poppy Seed Affair, an ultra-limited, two-CD and one-DVD collection. You have the fairly listenable and basically decent, which is most of disc one; the hard to listen to at any cost, which is the nearly 20 minutes of aural torture of “Listen Collage”; and the mildly amusing and highly annoying in-betweens along the way. Better, perhaps, to reach into the unknown than to always play it safe, I suppose, but this is ultimately pretty hard to hang with. For collectors only. And then, only maybe.

The Poppy Seed Affair



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