by Deanne Sole

20 February 2012

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US: 12 Feb 2012
UK: Import

Kufuki… a trio from Tokyo. Konno is credited with “Electronics”, Saito is credited with “Analog Synthesizer”, and Tommo is credited with “Vocals”, which, according to the publicity, are “laid-back”, but it’s hard for me to tell for myself because most of the time we’re paying zero attention to Tommo, we’re too busy with Konno and Saito and their Guest Musicians who are credited with things like “Strange Voice”, “HAPI Drum”, and “Wurlitzer”, although who was responsible for the Glockenspiel and the Boot Scootin’ Harmonia and a million Other Random Things I do not know and no one will own up to them. The three musicians started with the idea of Fun and threw the kitchen sink at it and then went around the world looking for more kitchen sinks—there are messages in multiple languages between the songs, and bits of other cultures here and there. The American boot-scoot plus Japanese folk song combination in “Theme of Kufuki” might be the strongest moment on the album. That mixture is inspired. At other times they don’t know how to develop an idea once they’ve got it. They wander with it for a while and try a new one. New sink. Another new sink. All of the sinks are happy.




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