by David Maine

22 February 2012


OMG this is so funny LOL check it out LMAO

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(Cheap Satanism)
US: 7 Jul 2011
UK: 7 Jul 2011

OMG this is so funny check it out our band made a record, right, even though none of us can sing or play our instruments very well or even write songs that amount to anything but that’s the whole ironic meta-artistic point LOL, the first song is called “Polyester Shirt Polyester Pants!” with an exclamation point right in the title isn’t that funny LOL and then there’s other songs too like “White Witch Black Witch” LOL and “Plastic Flower Melting Sun” and “Rats with Wings” and what we do is, we repeat the same lyrics over and over and over and over in an annoying screechy off-pitch voice cuz it’s like way funnier to hear something 12 or 14 times instead of just once and also there are hardly any solos or anything because I mean like, who wants to hear instruments played well when you can just bang on them to show how like ironic and post-musical everything can be, and the best part is we have this one song “Electric Aborigine” that actually kind of rocks and will have people scratching their heads and saying, if they can write a song like that then why waste our time with this other rubbish? LMFAO!



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