Melt Cry Sleep

by AJ Ramirez

23 February 2012

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Melt Cry Sleep

US: 12 Dec 2011
UK: Import

Minneapolis, Minnesota trio Buildings would do their Twin Cities hardcore/alt-rock forebears in Hüsker Dü proud. Like the Dü at its most intense, Buildings generate a dense, harrowing roar so enormously outsized it’s hard to believe that it’s being manifested by three ordinary-looking dudes. Ignoring that pioneering underground act’s psychedelic pop touches, the clamor heard on Buildings’ Melt Cry Sleep leans more towards Windy City “pigfuck” noise rock, given the proper touch via the mastering job by Shellac bassist Bob Weston. And it’s evident that this three-piece has learned the lessons of the Jesus Lizard and their ilk well: the concrete-heavy rhythm section of drummer Travis Kuhlman and bassist Sayer Payne walls the listener in, isolating them within uncomfortably close confines to face singer/guitarist Brian Lake’s endless riffage and unintelligible hollering for ten unrelenting tracks. Though there are few respites amid the squalling, thunderous cacophony, Melt Cry Sleep holds interest more than capably, for the maelstrom the band whips up is downright musical (note, for instance, how those guitars swing as well as pummel and grind).  There’s no special talent needed to make a big noise, but it does take a certain level of expertise to thread that noise thoroughly with hummable riffs as Buildings do here.

Melt Cry Sleep



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