Garden Window

by Philip Majorins

7 March 2012

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Garden Window

(Triple Crown)
US: 10 Jan 2012
UK: 10 Jan 2012

Garden Window is a successful alt-metal experiment from a promising new band from Atlanta. O’Brother take their cues from a wide range of bands (like Manchester Orchestra and Deerhunter) who are pushing the atmospheric rock of the ‘90s into new territory. Their new album is at times schizophrenic in its modulation between a whisper and a wall of sound, but O’Brother has still managed to create a set of intense tunes that hold together as an intriguing rock album. Garden Window possesses a musical atmosphere that will be appreciated by those who formed their musical identifies listening to Tool, Smashing Pumpkins, or Deftones. This album is not overly simple and it successfully builds upon recent advances within the prog-metal tradition. It is brooding and full of frustration. With that said, the emotional contours of the arrangements sometimes fail to deliver. Still, O’Brother is on the verge of something great and is certainly a band to watch. A more successful future pairing of the highs and lows of Garden Window could verge on absolute brilliance.

Garden Window




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