The 2012 Conscious Life Expo

Los Angeles

by Greg M. Schwartz

25 March 2012


Planet Earth, ET and You...

Sunday workshop – Richard Dolan – “Planet Earth, ET and You: Rethinking Extraterrestrial Contact for the 21st Century”

Historian Richard Dolan has shot to the top of the UFOlogy field in the past decade with his impressive books that focus less on the high strangeness that permeates the field, and more on a meticulously documented examination of the governmental cover-up. He also speaks with an intellectual eloquence that sets him apart from the field every time he appears at a conference.

“There’s a philosophical divide in UFO research, it’s evidenced right here at this conference,” Dolan said, referencing the contrast exhibited at the expo with subjectivism versus objectivism, spiritualism versus materialism and religion versus science. “The New Age-y types are onto something… but it’s important to marry this with a scientific methodology”.

Dolan ran over some of the key evidence, referring to the compelling “12 government documents that take UFOs seriously” article at his site,, one of the best places to start for anyone interested in UFOlogy. As to the origination of the cover-up surrounding the legendary 1947 incident in Roswell, New Mexico, Dolan cited a variety of issues for the government disconnect with the truth – Cold War realities, petroleum implications, social control, fear of the unknown, and the creation of a black budget infrastructure to deal with the salvaged technology. He also said his research indicates our visitors are telepathic, can manage our memories and space-time manipulation, and are surely bio-engineered. This last point explains the Greys, Dolan said, with their large heads and small bodies indicating a high IQ at the expense of rest of body.

Dolan then broke down the current sociopolitical barriers to disclosure, saying we’re screwed from above because the world’s richest one percent own 40 percent of all wealth, which translates to the mind control of a 24/7 propaganda barrage in the mainstream corporate media. “We have to become aware enough to understand what’s happening… The History Channel never gets into the true political implications because that would be revolutionary,” Dolan said in one of his pithiest comments.

He went on to speak of false flag terror operations in the world and categorized the 9/11 attacks as one of them. But he declared a skeptical viewpoint on some of the more nebulous topics in the UFOlogy/conspiracy theory realm such as fake invasion scenarios, time travel claims, Obama being ready to disclose, etc. The latter theory gains juice from how Obama has John Podesta in his inner circle, Bill Clinton’s former chief of staff and “X-Files” man. But while noting that Podesta’s presence is interesting, Dolan was not optimistic in this regard. “Obama has not shown any hint that he is really interested in freedom for you… What I see is a continuation of George W. Bush,” Dolan said of Obama’s presidency so far.

Dolan also declared skepticism of the 2012 ascension concept, but said that the inevitability of truth about UFOs and ETs will come out. “New technologies and capabilities continue to appear. Something will force this issue open,” Dolan said, indicating he believes it will happen within 10-20 years, an adjustment from the 4-25 year window he offered at the Roswell UFO Festival in 2009. Dolan warned that disclosure could be a rockier road than many might hope though, warning that implementation of free energy solutions could cause some economic and social turmoil in the short term.

Dolan posed the question of how to create a just and logical solution to the world’s geopolitical problems and said the US President must figure out a way to reclaim full constitutional authority in the covert war against the black budget power structure that has arisen around the UFO cover-up. He proposed a global federalism with an international legal paradigm to enforce corporate responsibility.

Dolan also suggested that one of the biggest questions for humanity is close encounters of the fifth kind (intentional contact with ETs) and how we can achieve it. Dolan concluded by saying he’s an idealist, but not a utopian and that there is no “get out of jail free card” with disclosure. “We should approach all things with a beginner’s mind, no fear, no fantasy,” Dolan said, referencing an earlier stated interest in Zen Buddhism. The no fear, no fantasy approach would indeed claim a strong yet rarely elucidated middle ground on the momentous matter.

Sunday workshop – Stephen Bassett – “The Most Profound Event in History: Disclosure!”

The UFO theme continued on Sunday afternoon with the executive director of the Paradigm Research Group and political action committee X-PPAC, both of which are aimed at catalyzing official government disclosure of the UFO cover-up. Like Richard Dolan, Stephen Basset focused on tangible evidence and documents. He spoke about the recent internet protests that got Congress to drop the controversial SOPA and PIPA legislation that threatened to censor the internet.

“That is power,” Basset said. He went on to speak of Wikileaks as a game changer in the global information sphere and praised the ubiquitous Guy Fawkes mask from V for Vendetta as an icon that “represents an era of collective action”. Basset then noted UFOlogist Grant Cameron’s research at, citing documents confirming a connection between the Clinton administration and an interest in disclosure with the Rockefeller Initiative. Basset described this as an ongoing project between the Clinton administration and wealthy philanthropist Laurance Rockefeller from 1993-96.

Bassett spoke glowingly of John Podesta and expressed more optimism about Podesta’s presence in Obama’s inner circle than Dolan had. Basset showed clips of Podesta’s press conferences at the National Press Club in Washington DC in 2002 and 2003, where Podesta called for the government to open the books on questions about government investigations of UFOs and to declassify such records. Basset claimed the second press conference in 2003 was done in coordination with the Taken miniseries on the Sci-Fi Channel (which was based around many historical events and did intriguingly seem to serve as an extended sequel to executive producer Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind).

Bassett dug deeper into the modern political quagmire when he said the Republicans knew they’d lose in 2008, so they gutted the economy and moved all the money to Skull and Bones associates. Now they try to blame it all on Obama, Bassett said, terming it “Real Politique”.

Basset indicated that the Obama administration had painted itself into a corner by opening the “We the People” petition project on the White House site this past September and promising to respond to any issue that got five thousand signatures within 30 days. Bassett promptly put up a petition calling for a response to questions about the UFO cover-up, which gained twelve thousand signatures. The Obama administration responded on November 4 with a typical government denial, but it represented the first formal response in history by the executive branch on the topic of UFOs and ETs.

“If we can break this statement, we can break the truth embargo,” Bassett said. To that end he has now launched a second petition specifically asking the Obama administration to investigate the Rockefeller Initiative during the Clinton presidential era. Those interested can view and sign the petition (which now needs 25,000 sigs) here.

Sunday workshop - Tricia McCannon on 2012 (subbing for John Major Jenkins)

Writer/healer/clairvoyant Tricia McCannon had already delivered a Friday workshop titled “Spiritual Ascension Codes for 2012, ET Visitation, and the Emerging Age of Aquarius”. The author of “Dialogues with Angels” made a decent substitute here for absent Mayan calendar scholar John Major Jenkins. McCannon’s material was of a much more esoteric variety, but still interesting. She likened 2012 to a portal through which we can pass, like a graduation day, every 26,000 years. McCannon spoke of an age of increased technology where space travel opens to us, along with miracles in science, physics and medicine.

“Maybe you decided to be a Bodhisattva, to come back and help,” McCannon said, speaking to those who might consider themselves light-workers or at least spiritual adepts of some sort. She spoke of 2012 as a time when humanity will reconnect science, religion and philosophy and recall of planetary memories from ancient advanced civilizations like Atlantis and Lemuria.

She said 2012 would also mark the return of our star brothers and sisters, “beings working hard behind the scenes to help us, but they honor our free will.” McCannon said this is how angels work, through invitation. “We all come from the angelic realms, one of nine orders,” McCannon said. She also mentioned ET beings from Orion, Sirius and Pleiades who look human and have come to assist humanity.

“This is a paradise world… a conjunction of many intergalactic ley lines,” McCannon said, re-emphasizing the theme that Earth is a special place in the galaxy, not just some backwater planet of little interest to the galactic community. “What’s going to happen in 2012 is we’re going to make a leap into the fourth dimension,” she said, a common theme in channeled literature since the 1990s.

She also spoke of Egyptian mythology, saying that the Ankh reminds us that we’re immortal, while the Was reminds us to attune to the universal sound and awaken.  “By using sounds, you can learn to surf into soul travel,” McCannon said, a concept that would surely intrigue fans of the jamband scene. McCannon went further with the musical theme, saying that mythological character Osiris was a musician who would call everyone together with music and feed them. Rock music has certainly demonstrated a power to feed the soul since the genre exploded into the cultural consciousness in the ‘60s, so this concept is an alluring one for the rock ‘n’ roll crowd.

The expo also featured a diverse array of exhibitors showing off both their products and their knowledge. Expo speakers manned tables not only to sell their books but to engage attendees in further discussion, as Richard Dolan did throughout the weekend. You could also chat with people like Eden Clark, a shamanic healer who exuded a spiritual authenticity that some of the more New Agey practitioners lacked. If you were interested in potentially making a trip to the Yucatan to check out Mayan ruins, you could speak with a representative from the Retiro Maya eco-hotel & retreat center in Tulum Beach, Mexico (see Or you could speak with reps from, a grassroots campaign calling for labeling of genetically modified organisms that threaten to damage the global food supply.

As to Earth’s metaphysical report card, humanity’s academic work in the field seems promising. But the mark will have to be deemed an incomplete until final grades are due, when the galactic school year concludes on December 21.

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