The Pine Hill Haints

Tales of Crime Parts 1 & 2

by Steven Spoerl

20 March 2012

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The Pine Hill Haints

Tales of Crime Parts 1 & 2

US: 15 Nov 2011
UK: 15 Nov 2011

“Alabama ghost music”: That’s how the Pine Hill Haints describe their mix of bluegrass, country, folk, honky-tonk, americana and roots music. It’s a fitting description and suits the band quite well. Their latest 7’’ Tales of Crime Parts 1 & 2 goes a long way to help prove that fact. It starts with the toe-tapping mid-tempo standard folk-tinged number “Tales of Crime (Part 1)”, which is the better song of the pair. On “Tales of Crime (Part 1)” there’s an emphasis on lyrics like “staring down the barrel of a gun, you saw the deadest men who ever lived a-beatin’ on the rum-pum-pum-pum”. It’s a wonderfully appropriate traditional moment. Unfortunately, “(Part 2)” just comes across as a curiosity and a definite B-side. It’s nice to see the band stretch into new territories, but the psuedo-rap here doesn’t suit them nearly as well. It’s worth a quick spin, but no more.

Tales of Crime Parts 1 & 2




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