Dallas Don Burnet

Cancel My Disappointment

by Jedd Beaudoin

4 April 2012

cover art

Dallas Don Burnet

Cancel My Disappointment

(Little Record Company)
US: 3 Apr 2012
UK: Import

Dallas Don Burnet cut his teeth in bands such as Thelonious Monster and Lutefisk and also served as drummer with Beck for a spell. This is his solo debut, filled with songs that were apparently “too sweet” and “too soft” for his previous groups. There isn’t a terrible one in the batch of nine here but there’s not really anything that’ll set your pants on fire or make you do the backstage boogie. The jokes are familiar––the down and out dude who sponges off a women in “Angel on My Futon” is kinda funny but a little played out––and the melodies decent. The problem is it doesn’t add up to the kind of wow you think you’d get from someone with Burnet’s pedigree.

Cancel My Disappointment



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