The Bridge

by David Maine

12 June 2012

cover art


The Bridge

(Mylene Sheath)
US: 17 Apr 2012
UK: 16 Apr 2012

Aeges play a fairly uninspired brand of hard rock/nu-metal that involves plenty of fuzz guitar (good), repetitively pounding rhythms (neutral) and whiny, emo-esque vocal delivery (just plain bad). Debut album The Bridge brings little if anything new to the noisy-music table, instead preferring to recycle nu-metal riffage and simpleminded melodies, or none at all, while turning everything up to eleven. Not all the songs are horrible – title track “The Bridge” chugs along nicely, while album closer “Fade Out” benefits from some tasty guitar licks – but most of them are thoroughly unmemorable. This is the kind of music that frat boys will blast for a semester before everyone forgets about them forever.

The Bridge



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