Jerry Granelli Trio

Let Go

by John Garratt

12 June 2012

cover art

Jerry Granelli Trio

Let Go

US: 24 May 2011
UK: 24 May 2011

The Jerry Granelli Trio plays out Let Go, save for a handful of vocal tracks, like it’s one continuous blob of music. Though this does not hold back the album’s overall quality, it feels like an ancillary appendage when not only compared with Granelli’s past, but also to, say, the solo discography of his bassist/cellist Simon Fisk. Let Go is a product of three men, one a jazz elder who played on the original recording of “Linus & Lucy” and two being rising stars in the same scene, tearing down and then rebuilding a set of collectively composed pieces. Jerry Granelli, along with saxophonist Danny Oore and Simon Fisk, do play together with great ease, but the end result is more professional and consistent than absorbing. Occasional vocal performances from Celtic singer Mary Jane Lamond break up the mood ever so slightly.

Let Go



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