by Craig Hayes

11 July 2012

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US: 15 May 2012
UK: 15 May 2012

According to its bio, Canadian four-piece Biblical makes a sound akin to “mountains splitting and oceans parting.” That’s a fittingly zealous claim, considering its first self-titled liturgy is just a four-song EP, but you’ll be forgiven (of course) for thinking it presumptuous. And hallelujah, why not pump the bellows of rock ‘n’ fervency?

The band certainly makes a stouthearted, energetic racket to back up the claim. The EP oozes a boisterous blend of swampy rock that sets the proto-metal and bluesy rock of the James Gang against Gallon Drunk and the Bad Seeds, with a little Cramps and Motörhead thrown in for good measure.

The propulsive rockabilly metal of “Nickel & Dime”, the garage psych of “Under Duress” and “Eyes of Lies”, and the sultry slow burn of “Oubliette” all crash and clang in a lo-fi, amp-searing fashion. The band layers on the scrappy and gritty tones (adding mass to the more bare-bones tracks) and it all blazes past in 18 minutes, paying due reverence to the glories of inspirited dirty rock. A grand debut from Biblical; long may the preaching continue.



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