Toys That Kill

Fambly 42

by Rob Browning

12 November 2012

cover art

Toys That Kill

Fambly 42

(Recess Records)
US: 15 May 2012
UK: import

It’s been well over a decade since we first saw San Pedro punkers Toys That Kill rise from the ashes of the much loved Five Year Planners to carry the torch for the musical endeavors of core F.Y.P.s Todd Congelliere and Sean Cole. Linking with the rhythm section of Chachi Ferrera and Denis Fleps, the foursome has maintained a steady output of catchy upbeat West Coast punk rock since their 1999 inception. It’s been six years since their last full-length, but album number four from Toys That Kill is finally here, courtesy of Todd Cong’s garage and the good folk of Recess Records. Called Fambly 42, the record weighs in with fifteen tracks of fist-pumping sing-along punk rock you’ll definitely want to heft a beverage to. You’ll find no lily gilding here: songs rarely overstay their welcome, hovering consistently around the two-minute mark and rarely stretching past. The notable exception is “Freddy and his Mother”, the record’s “Stairway To Heaven” that almost doubles the running norm to place itself in contention for the best track here. Short sharp shocks like “Stye” and “V-Chip” are pretty aces as well, so those with short attention spans should fear not and step lively and snatch up a copy of Fambly 42 from their favorite purveyor.

Fambly 42



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