Each Other

Heavily Spaced

by D.M. Edwards

12 February 2013


The Kids Are More Than Alright

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Each Other

Heavily Spaced

US: 12 Oct 2012

Each Other is an exciting new group bursting with energy. Their terrific second six-track EP Heavily Spaced is confident, dynamic, garagey, angular, jangly, mathy, and melodious—almost as if the bastard sons of The Magic Band and Preston School of Industry were being raised by Panda Bear and Andy Partridge. There may be a few copies of this left on 45rpm 12” vinyl but both EPs (and a 7”) are available for free download.

The group have been gigging out of a van in Canada, the US and Europe and, in a distant echo of the footsteps of the most famous band of all, doing so may have tightened their playing. They look so young that their possible influences seem charmingly accidental. “A Strong Spinning” for example seems to unwittingly channel Big Star and Yes. Heavily Spaced is such an addictive improvement over their first record that I almost want to manage the group, make several of their albums riff on the Each Other name with such titles as Let’s Try Loving… or We Can’t Help Doing It With… and force them to dress like The Beau Brummels. And not even that would stop them from succeeding. Just wait and see.

Heavily Spaced



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