CSC Funk Band


by David Maine

24 June 2013

cover art

CSC Funk Band


(Electric Cowbell)
US: 23 Apr 2013
UK: 23 Apr 2013

CSC Funk Band is a perfectly capable instrumental outfit who play a tight and bouncy form of good-time booty-shaking music (or drive-down-the-highway-really-fast music, in my experience). Tunes like “Catcher’s Mitt” and “Klip Winger” channel a freewheeling, good-time vibe that never slows down or gets too serious, while the spoken-word intro to “Choom Gang” seems to point to a history of pot-smoking for our current Chief Executive. Despite all this, though, CSC doesn’t do much to stand out from the pack of other, more adventurous funk outfits like the New Mastersounds or the Funk Ark. There’s nothing wrong here, particularly, and the musicianship is spot-on and energetic. There just isn’t much to differentiate this crew from anyone else.




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