Zo! & Asylum 7

Overdue Process

by Andrew Martin

24 February 2009

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Zo! & Asylum 7

Overdue Process

(Tasteful Licks)
US: 6 Jan 2009

Albums like Overdue Process immediately deserve recognition simply based on the fact that it’s (almost) one emcee, Detroit’s Asylum 7, and one producer, D.C.-by-way-of-Detroit’s Zo!, working together throughout. Many times, hip-hop albums can lose themselves in an endless stream of guest rappers and producers. But, even though some of A7’s pals join him on the mic, this record is handled entirely by this duo. And while the lyricism and raps on here are well above-average, it would be a lie to not write that Zo! steals the show. The beats he laces are the product of his genius mind and skills on numerous instruments.

From start to finish, Zo! kills it no matter the mood, style, or flavor. In particular, the funky grooves of the title-track and the grimy “Resistance is Futile” are astounding. But A7 is no slouch in the booth. His hilarious bad-day tale “One Bad Thing” is fresh and packed with laughs and he holds it down on “Crushing”, a track for the special lady in his life. One of his best efforts, though, is the Little Brother-esque “Crossover”, which features a nice guest verse from dope femcee Miz Korona. The only audible drawbacks on here come from A7’s static flow, though that’s sure to change as he stays on his grind. Also, Zo!‘s talents aside, some of the beats evoke a samey feel. Be sure to check this one out if you are yearning for more solid hip-hop from Motor City, where there must be something breeding creativity in the water.

Overdue Process



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