Zombie Nation


by Mike Schiller

15 April 2009

cover art

Zombie Nation


US: 17 Mar 2009
UK: 30 Mar 2009
Internet release date: 9 Mar 2009

It’s amazing what a name can do for an artist. Case in point: a clever moniker for German DJ Florian Snefter conjures up images of zombies dancing “Thriller”-style. Indeed, Snefter’s project is called Zombie Nation, and you’d certainly be forgiven if you find yourself doing MJ’s famous zombie dance to one of these brilliantly constructed little tunes.

Snefter’s fourth full-length album as Zombie Nation is called Zombielicious, and it’s a doozy. There’s not a single thing on Zombielicious that you won’t want to dance to, and it features more than a few of those precious moments that turn club music into anywhere music.

Opener “Mas de Todo” grooves like nothing that’s been released all year, “Get It” is like disillusioned Daft Punk, “Filterjerks” is just dying for a CSI: Miami montage scene to get thrown on top of it, and the ten-minute “Worth It” actually manages to remain engaging for its entire length. It’s easy to fall into a rut with dance music, because the inclination is to favor repetition over breaking the groove. Snefter harbors no fear of variety, and as such frees himself to create dance music that’s varied and interesting on top of being utterly danceable.





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