Blake Rainey and His Demons

The Dangerous Summer

by Jason MacNeil

5 September 2007


Roots-oriented singer-songwriter Blake Rainey has been known in smaller circles around Georgia, but hopefully this record makes him break out into bigger circles. The songwriting is quite good from the opening, “Matter of Heart”, as he guides the song along with some simple but solid picking of his acoustic guitar. He also hits his stride with the sweet “I Sang Holy” that brings to mind Thad Cockrell’s work with Caitlin Cary. This is especially true of the wistful, waltz-like “The Dangerous Winter” as backing vocalist Robin Najar steals the show. The mood and tempo doesn’t stray from what works, with “The Innocent Ghost of Marie” being another warm, soothing bit of folksy singer-songwriter craftsmanship. No real highlights here, as the album is too damn consistent for any sort of separation or track comparison. The second half kicks off with “99 Beers”, which has a slight rambling feel, while “All My Fears” is the record’s first Nebraska-esque moment. Closing the proceedings it the gorgeous title track and it’s the replay button… again and again and…

Met a Man on Top of a Hill




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