Billy 'Daniel' Bunter

The Future of Hard Dance, Vol. 1

by Benn Joseph


Ah, yet another one of my stumbling forays into the world of rave music! I know that everyone who listens to this stuff on a regular basis is going to laugh at me when I say how amazed I was that there’s only one track on this CD. That’s right! When you look at the track list, it looks like there’s 24 songs, when in fact all that really indicates is what the songs change to. It’s like, you’re listening to a song, and it immediately changes to a different beat out of nowhere. That means it’s the next song. I guess that’s so people don’t have to stop dancing…

Billy ‘Daniel’ Bunter is a U.K. DJ who is, as we speak, just beginning to promote himself in the U.S. He’s actually pretty important overseas, being at the head of the “Great British Techno” (GBT) label. This album, The Future of Hard Dance is the first CD he’s released over here, and is a compilation of many different artists such as Metrotech, Citadel of Kaos, Code 27, and DJ Fury.

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Billy "daniel" Bunter

The Future of Hard Dance, Vol. 1


The Future of Hard Dance is mainly a trance, or possibly hardtrance collection. I think the difference between those two is kinda like the difference between speed metal and death metal, only really different! Keep in mind, though, that this is European dance music, and might therefore sound really different from American “Trance.” The only way to discover if this stuff is for you is to hop on the Majestic Recordings website and hear it. Try; they use Liquid Audio downloads, so you can actually make your own CD if your computer has a CD burner. That’s also the same website as DJ Brisk, though he’s more of a happy hardcore” DJ. If you’re into this kind of music, at least check it out cuz it’s European (and different). If you’re not, well, there’s lots of neat stuff on that website. There may be something for you.

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