The Dormouse Choir

Tonight, We Drink With Orphans

by Aaron Schatz


I feel bad saying this, because they live in the same town as me and I run into them when I go to Renee’s Café for Sunday brunch. They seem like nice folks, and they are buddies with one of my favorite bands, Papas Fritas. In fact, Fritas guitarist Tony Goddess produced this EP. Nonetheless, truth is the first necessity of the critic, so here goes.

The Dormouse Choir is a horrible, horrible band. This record is absolutely painful to listen to. This is what happens when a bunch of “indie music” geeks get together and say, “Hey! Country music is funny! Let’s make fun of country music!” Flat, nerdy vocals (with tuneful female backing vocals in the best indie-rock tradition) combined with fiddle and lyrics about drinking (“Hey! Country singers drink! It’s funny!”). Extra “Whoo-hahs” in the background. A train whistle on the song “Cry Me a Liver”. Oh, and to drive the irony home even more, a trombone. (“Get it! Country music doesn’t have trombone! It’s funny!”)

cover art

The Dormouse Choir

Tonight, We Drink With Orphans

(Nearby Music)

At least, I hope this is all meant as some kind of ironic statement. If this is meant to be taken seriously, I guess I am less disgusted and more just depressed that the geniuses behind Papas Fritas thought this was talented art with which they wanted to be associated.

Sorry to be so mean, guys, but in a world of mediocre records that make it impossible to feel positive or negative emotion, you have produced actual total crap. Please don’t be angry if I ask to borrow the ketchup next time you are sitting at the next table.

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