In Here We Fall

by Erin Hucke


After hearing “Morning Afterglow”, the somewhat gloomy/somewhat hopeful single from In Here We Fall, I thought Electrasy was another one of those moody, modern rock bands the UK over-exports to the United States these days. But don’t be fooled into thinking these guys touch some of the same sentimental tones as Travis or Muse. The majority of In Here We Fall centers on something much heavier and more… well… “rock ‘n’ roll” as the band puts it.

The press release for this album touts the band as being so rock ‘n’ roll. (Stepping off planes drunk to meet record execs, marrying porn stars, etc.) The band makes several mentions about being “rock ‘n’ roll” in songs too. (“Hanging out like stars, but we’re not yet ... but we’re a rock ‘n’ roll band and we’re gonna go ‘bang.’”)

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In Here We Fall


But if there is one thing Electrasy likes to talk about more than being rock ‘n’ roll, it’s getting high. And the numerous references to aliens. “I’m strung out so high today / I got nothin’ to do but get stoned”, “Snort cocaine and I’ll lick it off ya”, and “I wanna get high/sometimes I don’t know why” are typical of the lyrics throughout the entire album.

In Here We Fall is fairly diverse musically within the small spectrum of rock. From pop rock (“Renegades”) to distorted techno-influenced rock (“Cosmic Castaway”) to a raging, pseudo hip-hop attitude on “Foot Soldierz”. But some of their guitar riffs or melodies obviously have been lifted from here or there. (I recognized one pulled from Catherine Wheel and another stolen from Radiohead.)

Fans of thoughtful Britpop may be disappointed with these latest UK offerings. But for fans of conventional pop rock with uninspired lyrics might enjoy the band’s flippant, “rock ‘n’ roll” attitude.

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