Matt Ender

Ancient Isle

by Benn Joseph


“Matt Ender was born to play music, compose, and score for film and Television. It comes as natural to him as light comes from the sun. However it is his passion for the creation of his debut CD Ancient Isle that shows his true love for music.”

If you could hear what was on this CD, and then read this quote, you would realize just as I have exactly how silly this man must be. He was “born to play music…for film and Television,” according to the bio I received on him, but what this means is that he wrote music for “All My Children” for one season before they dropped him. Then he went on to write music for the movie “The Secret Files of J Edgar Hoover.” That’s about it.

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Matt Ender

Ancient Isle


Now, through inspirations such as Enya, Deep Forest, and Riverdance, he’s composed his first CD. The songs sound like they’re trying to be cathartic and relaxing, but end up being a little rushed and edgy. The reason for this might be the introduction of an electronic drum machine into some of the songs (at least that’s what it sounds like). Actually, I get this picture of him taking a drum machine into a folk music store, hooking it up and turning it on, and then running around randomly grabbing instruments and quickly trying to play, deep, meaningful music on penny whistles and bamboo flutes into whatever he’s recording with, but the guy who owns the store keeps yelling at him to put things away and get out. I can’t be sure, but this bio I have does admit that “The meaning of the songs is just as intriguing for the listener.”

I have to admit, though, it seems like he put alot of effort into making this CD. It’s probably the cheesiest thing I’ve ever encountered, though, and I’m not just saying this because I don’t like folk music. I really enjoy this genre; the folk guitarist Al Petteway is one of my favorite musicians, as is Billy Miller, one of the most famous flute players at Renaissance Faires all over the country (particularly in Wisconsin). But poor Matt Ender just doesn’t do it for me. If you feel sorry for him and would like to sympathize, his website is


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