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Take your standard indie rock band. Blend sampled effects. Add softer, indie-style vocals. Sprinkle a dash of organ. Add a hearty helping of voice distortion. Stir in a ton of pipe clanking and other industrial sounds. Throw in a keen sense for experimentation. Mix. Spread evenly in 5” round. Spin for a little over 30 minutes. And voila! You’ve got Believo!

Believo! is varied in style and feel. You’ve got a few pure rock tunes (“Come Into” and “Get the Letter Out”) and then there are the others—those aural mish-mashes that defy categorization. The songs that employ every sound you’ve ever heard and many you have never heard, combined into a grand sonic salad. Here’s where Enon really pull things together. Or more logically, it’s where things start to fall apart…in a good way. “For the Sum of It” ignores typical song structure as a loose conglomeration of sounds, energetic vocals and even strings! Tracks like “Matters Gray” and “Conjugate the Verbs” display Enon’s ability to integrate pre-existing sounds and electronic effects with more traditional instruments.

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With the mixture of styles, Enon coerces the average listener into experiencing innovative music without scaring the listener with something completely experimental. They teeter the line conventional indie rock and crazy, recycled-sounds pop. It’s not always combined in an equal fashion, leaving the album with a disconnected feel. But it’s a trade-off for unpredictability and the sake of keeping the listener’s interest.

If you are a fan of unaltered rock, sift through these dynamic sonic warblings. They might just broaden your horizons. For those already fans of progressive and experimental music, Believo! might not present anything challenging, but it’s a good listen, worthy of checking out. So go and cook yourself up some Believo!

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