The Haggard

A Bike City Called Greasy

by Kat Iudicello


If Hothead Paisan could be in a band, she would take her cat and chainsaw and jump on stage to join The Haggard. The Haggard is what’s hardcore about punk rock. From Portland, Oregon and signed with Mr. Lady Records, The Haggard is a sharp, political band with a super thrashing sound. Emily Kingan (guitar: 1 Threw 7) and sts (drums: Cadallaca) both sing, at times switching off and moving from a deep, gutteral yell toa strong, euphonic voice. The Haggard are pro-bike, queer, punk feminists who rail against consumerism and capitalism. They have distributed lyrics to their songs at shows, so folks could get what The Haggard is all about.

Influenced by Team Dresch and Third Sex, Kingan and sts have been making beautiful music together since 1996, and they formed The Haggard in 1998. Since then they’ve toured the east coast with The Need and have played around Europe. Their latest, A Bike City Called Greasy, is moshpit harsh and fast. Some of the choicest tracks are “Suburbs,” “Bikes,” “God Kills Kittens + Babies,” and “I’m Sorry Bob.” A Bike City Called Greasy is filled with perfectly placed and brazenly melodious changes. The guitar riffs are completely in your face and wonderfully aggressive. Sparks fly from the drum work, and the throat ripping vocals are a blast, like safely spinning out on a rock-covered dirt road. And the lyrics are smart: “You make me frown / Well, I won’t turn my frown upside down.” Absolutely. Enough already with society expecting women and girls to plaster on a smile and make everyone comfortable.

cover art

The Haggard

A Bike City Called Greasy

(Mr. Lady)

The Haggard will be touring the U.S. this fall, so if you are into hardcore punk rock that’s super solid, be sure to catch them.


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