Haji Mike

Aphrodite's Dream

by Benn Joseph


Now this is some cool, innovative stuff, here. Have you ever wondered what Greek reggae music would sound like? No? Well, if you care, then read on…

Haji Mike is a DJ, a doctor of philosophy, and a writer. He got his start in the music business in 1990, when, being the only person anyone had ever heard of that could rap in Greek, he found a spot on the BBC’s Rhythms of the World program. Since then, he’s released five singles and two albums which have found a solid following in both the British Greek communities and Cyprus (where he lives now).

Haji Mike

Aphrodite's Dream


Haji Mike is very proud of Cyprus, and tries to increase people’s awareness of the island through his music. He even has a link to Cyprus’ home page on his site.

Most of the music on Aphrodite’s Dream is reggae or reggae-influenced material. There are also a few cuts that sound very folksy. Cyprus-style folksy, that is. His other work tries to experiment in other styles, such as dance, soul, world, rap, and rebetika, a style of Athenian bourgeoisie music heavy in blues, and inspired by the smoking of hashish.

This is a very different style of music. I mean, if you sit down and think of all the music you’ve ever heard in your whole life, you would still probably have a hard time coming up with a comparison for this. That’s one of the main reasons I liked it. If you want to have a listen to this, you can go to the website: www.cylife.com.cy/hajimike. There are tons of feeds to listen to, by Haji and many other artists. You can even vote on your favorites. I really recommend you do this, if for no other reason than to pander to me and my inability to explain what this music sounds like. Enjoy!


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