Switchblade EP

by Dan Raper

7 August 2008


Heartsrevolution, the latest electro/hipster/electro/ironic/whatever group from NYC to momentarily inflame the blogosphere with a track, suddenly blasted everywhere with “C.Y.O.A.” eye chart styled t-shirts and buttons and slip-on ballet shoes and bandanas. Smart? I think so! Because even if the group only has one actual EP (the Switchblade EP), and even if their song with Cory Kennedy’s not even on it, you can’t pirate merchandise! This music is totally fashion, and completely inconsequential. Bouncing off of Justice’s driven hard rock-electro, “Switchblade” stutters forward as vocalist Leyla Safai shouts clichés. Throughout, her voice is treated with an effect that makes it both blurry and with a grating edge; it conveys “edgy hipster”, but it’s not all that pleasant to listen to. The group’s anthem is “C.Y.O.A.”, which was previously released as a 12”; two of the three remixes of the track on Switchblade EP appeared on it. That’s OK, as the best, Flosstradamus’s mix, is new – it adds a pulsing treble melody but retains the snarling attitude of the original. The rest of the material here, though, alternates between pastiches of today’s “latest dance sound” and remarkably staid electro-rock (“Wolves + Libertines” could have been done by the Pipettes, perhaps), and slides by all attitude and no substance. I’ll admit that eye chart t shirt is kinda cool, if you’ve never seen anyone out wearing it. +1 for that. And +1 for being skewered so entertainingly on Hipster Runoff.

Switchblade EP




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