David Kristian

Room Tone

by Benn Joseph


I’m confident that this was a big mistake.

David Kristian, according to what research I’ve done on him, is a genius. He’s done recordings for at least nine labels that I know of and, even though he’s never toured, has performed with countless electronic bands such as Solvent and Sensorband. But that’s not all; it goes even further. He’s also begun experimenting with sound design for films, and has even started writing complete scores. That’s essentially what this CD is.

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David Kristian

Room Tone

(Alien 8 Recordings)

I’m sure Kristian knows what he’s doing, but Room Tone is just a little too weak for me. Actually, roomtones (according to what I’ve been told) are recordings done for movies that kind of serve as background music. It’s not really stirring or interesting, it’s just something to prevent silence. That’s the whole album in a nutshell.

In theory, I find this very interesting. Being an avid movie fan—and music fan—I’m always looking for new exciting stuff like this. And I admit, it’s kind of cool to listen to it once just to hear exactly what roomtones are. But if you’re expecting anything except some random, quiet sounds to dispel the maddening quietude of your home, don’t buy it. See, it’s not even mood music, like “Songs and Sounds of the Humpback Whale” is. That’s something that was created specifically to make the listener relax. This, on the other hand, was created to improve movies with a lack of dialogue. It’s kind of like going out and buying a CD of nothing but laugh tracks. It would be kind of interesting to listen to the different styles and lengths of each burst of laughter, but there’s no other reason to listen to it. Laugh tracks are created for sitcoms, just as roomtones are for movies.

If you want more information on this, or if you’d like to further peruse David Kristian’s impressive resume, go to www.alien8recordings.com. Otherwise, stick with soundtracks.

Room Tone


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