Les Savy Fav

The Cat and the Cobra

by Mike Pace


Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of rock ‘n’ roll, Les Savy Fav swoop down with the next generation of the Hip Sound—noise, aggression, melody, postmodern references to pop hits prior, cheerleader-esque shouts of their own name in songs, and a singer who looks like a gym teacher. Vastly underrated, le Fav is one of a handful of contemporary bands actually doing something interesting with the bloated carcass of “underground rock.” Their debut long-player, 3/5 on the Self-Starter Foundation label, is an obnoxiously tuneful and noisy record that anyone with a penchant for Archers of Loaf or Drive Like Jehu would appreciate. A 7” for Sub Pop followed, and in its wake, the band has given us The Cat and the Cobra, an album not unlike their first, and equally as good. “The Orchard” kicks things off managing to be grandiose and intimate simultaneously, while the rock of “We’ve Got Boxes,” and consummate kegger anthem “Who Rocks the Party,” keep the tempo moving briskly. The remainder of the record is filled with twists and turns that make it more exciting than most new releases.

Their live show is equally as entertaining—a mix of style (matching outfits, save for singer Tim Harrington’s gym teacher air) and old-fashioned intensity. Do yourself a favor this year and pick up the band’s records and catch their live show rather than spending your food.

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Les Savy Fav

The Cat and the Cobra

(Self-Starter Foundation)

From the smoldering corpse of punk rock, there is Les Savy Fav.

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