Laura Love

Fourteen Days

by Courtney King


Laura Love, the funky-folk princess releases her new 11-song collection Fourteen Days, on Zoe Records. Love kicks the album off with a deep funky beat, twisted with a wish list of lyrics. The first track “More of You,” sets the tone for the eclectic work as she begins with “I want to see the Mona Lisa / I want to see the Grand Canyon / I want to see a white tiger / I want to see more of you.”

After a listen to Fourteen Days, it seems that Love has the ability to get whatever it is that she wants. A veteran of the music world, she meshes the simplistic with the artistic, and the poetic with the harmonic—to create a sweet blend of blissful music. Love has pulled together a vast array of musicians for the album with more than 10 different instruments adding to the tracks, including a Maytag dryer.

cover art

Laura Love

Fourteen Days


A true social activist, Love shares her thoughts on Niketown, Starbucks, Barry Manilow, the government, Seattle, taxes, Wally World, and so much more. With a tinge of social angst and a driving backbeat , Love’s music is full of realistically witty charm. “Woulda coulda shoulda Buddha that’s my name / Independence Day is going to be my game / Until something better comes along / Then I’ll have to sing you my McNew McSong,” one of a few well-crafted verses from “I Am Going to Miss You.”

Love breathes a new life into Laura Nyro’s “Stoned Soul Picnic,” in a soulful tribute to one of her influences. Love’s funk, folk, rock, jazz, and funky blend of prolific tunes are a gift to any listener. Delivered with a fiery-momentum Fourteen Days, is a joyride of emotion, blended with authentic musical diligence. Love should be denoted as the queen of catchy funk-jazz-pop choreography, blessed with a brazen voice.



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