MG! The Visionary


by Benn Joseph


There are so many reasons I don’t like this album, but at the same time I feel bad for doing so. It’s not pity that makes me feel this way about Transparemcee, its just that MG! seems to have a very reputable driving force in his music, which I happen to be disinterested in.

First of all, this is VERY Christian hip-hop. It’s all about believing in God, staying out of trouble, and people all over the world coming together in a peaceful culmination of humanity. See? See why I feel bad for not liking it? As a rule, I generally dislike religious-oriented music simply because of its one-sidedness and lack of apportion in the artist’s abilities. Every song is listed in the booklet which accompanies this CD, and is followed by a two to three paragraph explanation of why the track is so important to God. “Scared as…” is followed immediately by this narration: “We all have fears. Sometimes life is scary and we feel the fear all the way down into our very souls. It’s okay to know fear, as long as we know how to deal with it and how to identify where it came from. We need to run to Christ.” This is just a little creepy for me to see when I’m just trying to listen to music! I mean come on, the guy’s e-mail address is [email protected]!!

Another reason, stemming from the one just mentioned, has to do with the slightly pretentious-seeming nature of MG!. I don’t know the guy personally, but he seems to be on some kind of mission from God (which was only funny when it was the Blues Brothers) and he goes too far in his pity for those who are not followers of the faith. This, of course, is all explained in the two-page mission statement he has written in the accompanying booklet.

Lastly, the thing that really wrecks this album is that it’s just plain uninteresting musically. It’s the same beat for every song (and not a very interesting one at that), and all his lyrics are about God (which is not necessarily bad unless they neither make any sense nor rhyme). This album could probably do well in the contemporary religious community, but it definitely does not hold any interest from non-religious individuals. This could ultimately be it’s downfall.

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