The Muffs

Alert Today Alive Tomorrow

by Mike Pace


I remember, once upon a time, when the Muffs were a pretty good band. Well guess what—they’re not anymore. Tired and boring are the nicest things I can say about their latest release. Singer/guitarist Kim Shattuck writes songs that would sound really cool if they were played by a bunch of teenagers in a garage somewhere, but it just don’t cut the mustard for a band with members in the above-30 age range.

It pains me to say this, but the idea of three middle-aged people playing a style of preschool pop punk so monotonous and stupid is flat out embarrassing, not only to themselves, but also to anyone listening. But wait a second finger-pointers, I liked the song “Prettier Than Me,” if only because it was a semi-ballad, stripped down to just voice and guitar, and was less trite than anything else found here.

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The Muffs

Alert Today Alive Tomorrow

(Honest Don's)

Alternating between sounding like Courtney Love with testes and a whiny punk loser, Shattuck plays the schtick for all it’s worth, with is about $1.50 in change. You’ve heard every single song on the album before (and done better for that matter), in a Baskin-Robbins variety of flavors. It makes sense for this record to be released on Honest Don’s, a label formed by Fat Mike of NOFX, a band that knows a thing or six about recycling garbage. Think of it in these terms, whenever this band books a practice space or recording session, they are taking away worthy time from the greatest band you’ll never hear, who couldn’t get into the studio because the Muffs were in there. The valuable man hours wasted practicing, recording, mixing, and pressing this record can never be recaptured. This record is a waste of time.

Alert Today Alive Tomorrow


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