Mustard Plug, Pray For Mojo

by Michael Benton


Pray For Mojo is the third full length release from the Grand Rapids, Michigan ska band Mustard Plug. Recently it seems that ska has been done almost to death—with a full explosion of imitative bands riding on the crest of the ska wave.

At first I was resistant to this record, as the initial five tracks mine the same fields that other bands have explored ad nauseum. But Mustard Plug manages to prove that they have some original licks and the last two-thirds of the record rescues the effort. Especially good are the three tracks “Mend Your Ways”, “So Far To Go”, and “Time Will Come.” They effectively blend a mixture of energy and horns and even provide a slower, mid-tempo tune. The last song “We’re Gonna Take on the World” declares the band’s dedication to sticking to their ska and punk roots. Amusingly, the anarchist “Throw a Bomb” shows an awareness of the troubles faced by confrontational bands like fellow Michigan band, Insane Clown Posse, over inflammatory lyrics—at the end of the lyrics they print a disclaimer stating that the band does “not endorse the use of explosives.” If you are a ska fan or lover of high-energy concerts, I have a feeling Mustard Plug will not disappoint.

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Mustard Plug

Pray for Mojo


Pray for Mojo




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