by Mike Pace


So this metal band Overkill has a new album out. Remember them from, like, 1986? Yeah, well those same dudes are back and their latest offering sounds suspiciously similar to fresh releases by the likes of Annihilator and their ilk . . . silky smooth Megadeth-esque production with the highest-as-balls vox this side of Ronnie James Dio (who also put out an album recently darkly titled Magica).

Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth is still scraping the back of his tongue to reach that falsetto and Dave Linsk is still writing those catchy drop-D “duh-duh-duh-duh” chord progressions. Hell, DD Verhi is back in the fold plucking away at the four-string that never seems to leave his side. This type of reassurance doesn’t happen often, but knowing that these four guys (can’t forget Might Tim Mallapse pounding the skins) are writing songs like “Death Comes Out to Play” and “My Name is Pain” like the days of death metal sweatpants and big leather Nikes never left makes people like myself sleep soundly at night. Not being old enough to truly recall the Heineken-soaked suburban nights of the summer of ‘88 with ‘Kill and Exodus roaring out of the ghettoblaster puts me at a disadvantage for placing this album in the proper context, but I’m damn sure that my cousin “Dude” who still has his Ozzy “Bark at the Moon ‘83 Tour” tucked between Linux manuals and Colecovision will absolutely love this.

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