by Dave Heaton

24 June 2007


Plants’ move from Audio Dregs to Strange Attractors should tell label-watchers something about what Photosynthesis sounds like, sound unheard. That label-stamp is one signifier of the direction they’ve gone since their last widely circulated release, The Mind Is a Bird in the Hand; that direction is outward. Here their odd, spooky-peaceful style of truly freaky new-folk music stretches out before our ears. It takes a turn Eastward, towards meditative space jams, where the vocals disappear, but not without lightly twisting through the air before vaporizing. On second thought, talking about freeform experimentation as space music is a cliché; let’s go with the band’s own metaphors, and think of this as a zooming-forward into the mysteries of the natural world. More specifically, the song titles here are all about the world of plants, and the last one is titled “A Hidden World Exposed”. Think of this as the musical equivalent of those nature shows which get so close to their subjects that you can’t even tell what it is anymore. They get under the skin of plants, and emulate the puzzles underneath.



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