by Andy Argyrakis


P.O.D. has had an amazing run of success over the last year, thanks to their Atlantic Records contract, which spawned the album The Fundamental Elements of Southtown. That project has already reached gold selling status and is on its way to hitting the one million copy platinum mark. In addition, the band has been plastered all over MTV, particularly with their hit video “Rock the Party,” which has stuck on the Total Request Live countdown the entire summer.

All of the attention has given the group’s former label, Rescue Records, the idea to re-package, re-master, and re-release the group’s previous studio album Brown, from 1996.

The project’s quality is much higher than its original pressing almost a half decade ago. This time out, the label has a lot more money to throw around and certainly spent a lot more time paying attention to every detail then they did the first time out.

For those that may not be familiar with the disc yet, it features a raw, hard-core sound with thrashing guitars and thundering drums. The project is interspersed with many interludes, just like their current album. Such short tracks include the “Intro” and “Outro” tidbits, as well as the song transitions “Punk Rocks” and “Reggae Jam.”

P.O.D. jams on their full-length cuts, foreshadowing their current furry in the industry. Standout tunes include the intense “Visions,” and the slower tune “Selah,” which fans could compare to “Set Your Eyes to Zion” on the Southtown project. The album’s highlight is the six-minute plus version of “Full Color,” which starts out slow and builds up into reggae mixed with rock type groove.

This disc is a must have for long time fans who have followed the band since their humble beginnings. In addition, new P.O.D. warriors will want to check out what the entire buzz is about and help Brown climb up the charts.

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