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Pipe Dreams

(Suburban Noize; US: 10 Feb 2009; UK: Import)

You know how you’re not supposed to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach because your hunger will cause you to buy more than you intended? Well, you’re not supposed to critique albums when you’re angry, or else you might take your anger out on the CD. That is, unless you’re zoning out to Potluck (1Ton and UnderRated), the pride of Humboldt County, California’s hip-hop scene. You can listen to them when you’re upset. In fact, I recommend it. They might not blow your mind or make you feel like you’re listening to a new hip-hop paradigm, but they’ll make you laugh a little, think a little, and nod your head a lot.

The Potluck modus operandi, like label mates the Kottonmouth Kings, is to make an awful lot of songs about smoking weed (“Hot Box Anthem”, “Smoke the Pain Away”, “I Say Yes to Drugs”). Surprisingly, at least for such a familiar topic, none of the group’s weed smoking anthems are cringe worthy. Some display a humorous but poignant self-awareness (“I Gotta Problem”), and some are (yep, you guessed it) kind of dope.

While their love for marijuana occupies a prominent portion of their aptly titled album, Pipe Dreams, there’s another side to this crew. I don’t know if the weed inspires their deeper thoughts or not, but they reflect on dating, love, and relationships as well. They aren’t afraid to get political either, Illuminati-style, and you’ve got to give it up for their heartfelt tribute to their fathers.

There are a few more “b*tch” and “hoe” references than I’ve come to associate with the crew (“Stoner B*tch”, for example, is like a weed lover’s version of Apache’s “Gangsta B*tch” from back in the day), but if you’re ever in the market for a mixed bag of weed, humor, love, and politics, you can add a point to my overall rating. My favorite tracks are “STFU” (I’m definitely playing this “shut the f*ck up” tell-off for the know-it-alls in my life), “Computer Love” (a cagier examination of online dating and sensuality than Lil’ Kim’s “Download”), “Be Easy” (a message to the wannabe tough guys: yo, be careful about who you’re messin’ wit’), and “2 Minute Drill” (UnderRated flows nonstop in battle mode with a little somethin’ to prove).


Quentin Huff is an attorney, writer, visual artist, and professional tennis player who lives and works in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. In addition to serving as an adjunct professor at Wake Forest University School of Law, he enjoys practicing entertainment law. When he's not busy suing people or giving other people advice on how to sue people, he writes novels, short stories, poetry, screenplays, diary entries, and essays. Quentin's writing appears, or is forthcoming, in: Casa Poema, Pemmican Press, Switched-On Gutenberg, Defenestration, Poems Niederngasse, and The Ringing Ear, Cave Canem's anthology of contemporary African American poetry rooted in the South. His family owns and operates Huff Art Studio, an art gallery specializing in fine art, printing, and graphic design. Quentin loves Final Fantasy videogames, Barbara Kingsolver's The Poisonwood Bible, his mother Earnestine, PopMatters, and all things Prince.

Potluck - 2 Minute Drill
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