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The Sunshine Fix

The Future History of the Sunshine Fix

(Kindercore; US: 29 Aug 2000)

On their debut EP, The Sunshine Fix experiments with modern psychedelic sounds. With a carefree attitude that does not undermine the cleverness of their music, The Future History of the Sunshine Fix is at once modern, retro, and above all, fun. It excitingly heralds their upcoming full length CD.

The Future History of the Sunshine Fix begins with “The Sound’s Around You,” a trippy introduction to The Sunshine Fix, and could almost be considered their mission statement. The mix of colorful noises with funky vocals provides an airiness to this song that further compliments its kaleidoscopic feel.

After the instrumental “The Many Keys to the Reunion,” The Sunshine Fix departs a bit into the realm of country music with “Last Night I Had a Dream.” However, don’t expect Garth Brooks here. “Las Night I Had A Dream” retains the same idea of sonic exploration as the rest of The Future History of the Sunshine Fix. The diversity of sound makes this EP appealing and playful.

Rounding out the remainder of the record are “Future History and the Irrelevance of Time” and “Beaconary Words.” Both songs continue with the dreamy, lighthearted sound that fills this EP. The stronger of the two is “Future History and the Irrelevance of Time” using more effects on both instruments and vocals, while “Beaconary Words” takes a more acoustic approach.

The lyrics are mostly secondary here to the music, but offer quiet insights when listened to. “Everything sings when it’s listened to,” The Sunshine Fix sings on the opening track. Most of the lyrics follow this same sort of format, simple and non-poetic, but effectively so.

The Future History of the Sunshine Fix is an impressive debut, revealing talent and ambition. If these five songs are a sample of the direction their upcoming album is going to take, then we have a lot to look forward to from The Sunshine Fix.

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