The Lions

Jungle Struttin'

by Alan Ranta

26 March 2008


Do you like liquid reverberated, waka-waka reggae, but you’ve worn out your Bob Marley and Peter Tosh collection? Well, Los Angeles has cooked a little something up that may satisfy you for a spell, till you’re ready to head back to the Wailers. In the fall of 2006, members of Breakestra, Rhythm Roots All-Stars, Plant Life, Poetics, and many more gathered in a room full of ganja and good vibes and, some unquantifiable time after, the debut album Jungle Struttin’ appeared. Now, it’s hard to give complete credit to The Lions for creating a masterpiece, since most of the island riddims and Perry effects have more or less been appropriated from the vaults, but that kind of dusting off was essentially their intention. As I’ve read the press release, this is an honor to their influences, not necessarily an attempt to join the cannon as an essential example. They are not the Quantic Soul Orchestra. Taken as such, Jungle Struttin’ is a wonderful exploration of dub motifs dreaming of summer days and baseball bat blunts, and a welcome relief for scenesters from overplaying the Easy Star All-Stars’ seminal Dub Side Of The Moon. Add this to your mandatory chill play list and the sun will smile with you.

Jungle Struttin'




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