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Radiant Decay: A Tribute to Nine Inch Nails

by Benn Joseph


This is yet another CD of remixes, but this time everyone seemed to know what they were doing. This isn’t just some dude who said to himself one day “Hey, I think I’m going to remix every Beatles song ever written and put them all into one continuous track.” The Beatles were never meant to be slaughtered in that way. Nine Inch Nails is a different story.

First of all, Trent Reznor’s real name is Michael. I didn’t know that, so I though I’d slip it in there. Also, and I hope I’m not committing any sacrilege when I say that I think his voice is just a little too whiny and angst-filled. Don’t get me wrong, because I like Nine Inch Nails. It’s just that the music never seems to rub me in exactly the right way for just this reason. He’s trying very hard to create a spooky atmosphere, and since his music has absolutely no sense of humor he also has to be very serious at all times.

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Various Artists

Radiant Decay: a Tribute to Nine Inch Nails


Radiant Decay accomplishes everything that Trent Reznor is not able to. Artists such as T.H.C., Tin Electric, and Transient all seem to have consensually decided exactly how they were going to change these songs, and it’s been very effective. Each song on here has been toned down just a tiny bit, and the lyrics have been done in a very slightly darker and spookier manner. What ends up happening is a slightly less serious song with more serious vocals; a perfect fit. Transient has, in my opinion, been the most successful at doing this in his versions of “Closer (sister issa mix)” and “Sanctified (left justification mix).”

Nine Inch Nails is a kind of music that is meant to be remixed, and the contents of this CD prove my point. Mr. Reznor would be proud to hear what these artists have done because this really is a tribute, at least in the sense that the musicians here really seem to care what he thinks. It makes for a good time.

The website for this label is, but it seems to be under construction right now. If you actually want to buy it you can go to Enjoy!

Radiant Decay: a Tribute to Nine Inch Nails


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