Dave Chisholm's Wildly Imaginative Audio/visual Experience, 'Instrumental'

Dave Chisholm's Wildly Imaginative Audio/visual Experience, 'Instrumental'

By John Paul

An allegorical exploration of the idea of just how far some musicians will go to “make it”, Instrumental takes things to the extreme. 28 Jul 2017 // 9:30 AM

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David Gray: Live in Slow Motion [DVD]

Now released in the US and Canada, Live in Slow Motion is proof that David Gray is one immensely talented artist.

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Ariesta Birawa Group: Vol. 1, Indonesia

Ariesta Birawa Group sounds moderately-paced, good-humoured, and more conservative than the Beatles.

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21 Dec 2006 // 9:00 PM

Grizzly Bear: Yellow House

Beguilling, beautiful and bewitching pop-folk-prog from a big-hearted Brooklyn bear.

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The Memory Band: Apron Strings

UK semi-super folk group spins languorous, sunny-afternoon soundscapes out of old songs, string-band jams, psyche-soul one-hits and a Carly Simon song.

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Jake Shimabukuro: Gently Weeps

Shimabukuro's latest is his first solo ukulele effort, and his compositions are slightly weakened in this stripped-down affair.

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Eufórquestra: Explorations in Afrobeat

It would be very very unkind to slag off Eufórquestra just because they are a band full of white dudes from Iowa City playing Afrobeat music.

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The Rodeo Carburettor: The Rodeo Carburettor

Dirty garage rock from the land of the rising sun, the Rodeo Carburettor bring the rawk in any language.

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Letters from Iwo Jima (2006)

Poetic and pained, Letters from Iwo Jima is a war movie about loss and, almost worse, the anticipation of loss.

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Nurse with Wound: Rock N Roll Station

Reissue of Stephen Stapleton's hallucinatory mid-1990s excursion into the rhythmic possibilities of hip-hop.

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Count Basie: One Oclock Jump: The Very Best of Count Basie

modest sampler, immodestly billed, not unique, a few of Basie's best Columbia records.

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How a Song By Unknown Newcomer Adam Johnston Ended Up on Blondie's New Album

// Sound Affects

"Adam Johnston of An Unkindness wrote a song at 17 years old and posted it online. Two years later, magic happened.

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