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Wednesday, March 5 2003

From the Land of Green Ghosts: A Burmese Odyssey by Pascal Khoo Thwe

He is . . . a skilled writer who infuses a tale of war with warmth, magic and humanity.

Boy Still Missing by John Searles

This is your quintessential dysfunctional family with intriguing secrets popping up all over the place.

Monday, March 3 2003

The Pentagon Papers

Repeatedly underlines, at times subtly and others more plainly, the responsibility of living in a democracy.

The Lone Ranger

Put any man, but especially a pretty man-boy, in a stylized cowboy suit and he's bound to come off looking like one of the Village People. And the Lone Ranger does.

America Undercover: Cannibal: The Real Hannibal Lecters

The most important questions Cannibal never addresses are what she (and presumably we) find so compelling about modern cannibal stories, and how our obsession over these stories is directly tied to contemporary culture.

Are You Hot? The Search For America’s Sexiest People

Perhaps the problem with Are You Hot? is that it's too simple-minded even for reality TV.

Sunday, March 2 2003

Various Artists: Teutonik Disaster

By many accounts (admittedly, American and British accounts, as they are the ones that are most readily available in my little corner of the world),

X-Rated Cowboys: Honor Among Thieves

Is there anyone out there who can give me Quinn Fallon’s phone number? After becoming addicted his band’s latest album, I’m beginning

Spock’s Beard: Snow

Progressive rock flourished in a big way during its heyday in the ‘70s. Then, artists such as the early Genesis, Yes, Emerson Lake & Palmer

Spiv: Don’tcha Know

It has never been uncommon in popular music that an artist may choose to change from their uncool, unhip given name to one that is

Matthew Shipp: Equilibrium

This new record from pianist Matthew Shipp carries a pretty heavy burden. First of all, it’s by Matthew Shipp. His name is pretty much

Toby Keith: Unleashed

Toby Keith has released an album almost year every for the past decade. With a work ethic like that, you gotta wonder just when the

Gore Gore Girls: Up All Night

“Rock is back” declared magazine articles and websites around the world in 2002. The response that it never really left is only partially correct. The airwaves

Guttermouth: Gusto

Loud, rude and full of the silliest rhymes this side of a Sir Mix-A-Lot tape, Guttermouth’s latest, Gusto is 14 ridiculously charming songs about love,

Kim Fox: Return to Planet Earth

What do you get when you combine the mature and intelligent lyrics of an early ‘70s singer/songwriter, the sound of orchestral pop, modern dance

John Doe: Dim Stars, Bright Sky

John Doe is on a mission, albeit an undefined one. He tells us as much in “Magic”, a song that comes two thirds of the

Bettie Serveert: Log 22

It’s hard to believe it’s already been 11 years since Dutch rockers Bettie Serveert charmed their way into the heads of North American indie

Friday, February 28 2003

Good Times: First Season

In effect, J.J. became the comic relief from which there was no relief.

Tommy (1975)

The Who's rock opera Tommy still rocks.

Spider (2002)

It's creepy inside Spider's head.

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