Shake It Up: All the Music Thats Fit to Freak Out About

‘Shake It Up’: All the Music That’s Fit to Freak Out About

By Chris Barsanti

The Library of America’s rollicking greatest-hits volume of music criticism is an awesomely unwieldy pile of opinion that celebrates not just music, but the very act of appreciating and understanding it. 22 May 2017 // 9:30 AM

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21 Dec 2006 // 9:00 PM

Nas: Hip Hop Is Dead

In a fall where many stumbled and even Jay-Z slipped up, Nas is back with a record for history.

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21 Dec 2006 // 9:00 PM

Gun: Showdown

Gun: Showdown is a worthy title for the PSP, even as it exposes limitations in both the franchise and the system.

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Get Smart The Complete Collection

This collection of Get Smart is simply a feast, inspiring both nostalgia and respect for how ahead of its time this groundbreaking parody truly was.

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21 Dec 2006 // 9:00 PM

Jackie Mittoo: Wishbone

By age 23, the reggae legend had grown out of Studio One and wanted to chart his own territory as a more mainstream solo artist. He did this by moving to... Canada -- and here's the postcard.

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Noein: To Your Other Self, Vol. 1 (2005)

Noein won't be the savior of its anime counterparts, but it won't tarnish their already ruined reputation, either.

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David Gray: Live in Slow Motion [DVD]

Now released in the US and Canada, Live in Slow Motion is proof that David Gray is one immensely talented artist.

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Ariesta Birawa Group: Vol. 1, Indonesia

Ariesta Birawa Group sounds moderately-paced, good-humoured, and more conservative than the Beatles.

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21 Dec 2006 // 9:00 PM

Grizzly Bear: Yellow House

Beguilling, beautiful and bewitching pop-folk-prog from a big-hearted Brooklyn bear.

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The Memory Band: Apron Strings

UK semi-super folk group spins languorous, sunny-afternoon soundscapes out of old songs, string-band jams, psyche-soul one-hits and a Carly Simon song.

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Jake Shimabukuro: Gently Weeps

Shimabukuro's latest is his first solo ukulele effort, and his compositions are slightly weakened in this stripped-down affair.

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