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Monday, October 28 2002

Ben Folds: Ben Folds Live

October 1997, Vic Theatre, Chicago. I’m in the balcony with my two best friends and wife-to-be, watching Ben Folds Five positively tear the place down. “

The Extra Glenns: Martial Arts Weekend

One thing you can say about John Darnielle is that he’s done things his own way. Aside from his work as one half of

EchoBrain: self-titled

I’m probably one of the few remaining fans from Metallica’s relatively early days who still liked the band three years ago. True, Metallica

Dave Matthews Band: Busted Stuff

Seems the small Pennsylvania town of Hershey is not only famous for its chocolate. It’s also got its fair share of Dave Matthews Band

Conya Doss: Poem About Ms. Doss

Though the folks at corporate don’t seem to know it yet, neo-soul is out and real soul music is in again. This is not

Thursday, October 24 2002

Matthew Sweet: To Understand: The Early Recordings of Matthew Sweet

Matthew Sweet fans are of the rabidly devoted type. Ask the typical Matthew Sweet fan about their collection of his material, and they’re likely

Supreme Beings of Leisure: Divine Operating System

The Supreme Beings of Leisure take the sophomore slump and drop-kick it into last week on Divine Operating System, the follow-up to the self-titled debut

Orwell: Following Days

Bonjour monsieurs y madamoiselles and pardon the intrusion, but there’s another French revolution afoot—a subtle one in the world of popular music. Unobtrusively

NON: Children of the Black Sun

The story of ambient music’s genesis begins with egg-domed musical dilettante/mentor Brian Eno being struck by a taxi in January 1975. While recuperating in

Matthew: Everybody Down

Let’s be frank, shall we? Everybody Down is an entirely bland release with no glimmers of individual personality at all. That Matthew is a

Iron Maiden: Rock in Rio

Earlier this year, I wrote a review of Iron Maiden’s CD release of Rock in Rio, their January, 2001 performance which was recorded for both

Herbie Hancock: The Herbie Hancock Box

Herbie Hancock may just be the most comfortable performer ever with the jazz dichotomy between the funky, earthy, gospel-influenced and the lyrical, abstract. He’s

Charlie Christian: Genius of the Electric Guitar

Just before the Conner McCloud lopped off the bad guys’ head at the end of The Highlander he managed to grunt, “there can be only

Beck: Sea Change

I admit I was one of those people who didn’t “get” Beck when he first appeared on the scene in the early ‘90s. I

Take Care of My Cat (2002)

If it breaks no new aesthetic or structural ground, 'Take Care of My Cat' is honest and tender, remarkably specific about girls' experiences.

Paid in Full (2002)

As familiar as this story sounds (and is), Ace is hardly your usual somebody.

Ghost Ship (2002)

The best surprise of 'Ghost Ship' is that it's surprisingly good, spooky, fun, and stylish.

Auto Focus (2002)

Paul Schrader's 'Auto Focus' is, as its title suggests, about self-interest and -obsession.

Wednesday, October 23 2002

The Windmills: Sunlight

The Windmills are one of a plethora of British pop bands who have the melodies and harmonies needed to break into the spotlight, but for

André Toussaint: Bahamian Ballads: The Songs of André Toussaint

Listeners who know Alan Lomax’s 1935 Bahamian field recordings, or the rhyming spirituals of Bahamian roots artists like the Pinder Family and Joseph Spence (whose

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