Kristin Kontrol: X-Communicate

Kristin Kontrol: X-Communicate

By Dustin Ragucos

As Kristin Kontrol, Kristin Welchez has brilliantly shown that her brand of mischief is as complex as it is loving. Trouble is still her name. 26 May 2016 // 2:30 AM

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21 Jun 2006 // 12:00 AM

Shot X Shot: Shot X Shot

Five sustained extended performances, melodic, sensitive to timbre and phrasing, but improvised music of a demanding sort by two ace saxophonists, with bass and drums to match.

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It is always interesting to see Vaughn, Guerra, et al.'s vision of an apocalyptic world and how it is a mirror to our own.

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Empire of Dirt: The Aesthetics and Rituals of British Indie Music by Wendy Fonarow

When dissected, an indie rock gig isn't all that different from the stereotype of nearly naked dancers circling the fire as they fall into a trance.

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20 Jun 2006 // 12:00 AM

Diana Ross: blue

In an age where every other veteran artist seems to tackle the "Great American Songbook", Blue illustrates that Diana Ross met that challenge long before... and won.

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Thursday: A City By the Light Divided

Thursday makes a return with a melodic tour de force that's barely held back from emocore classic status. Not bad for a band that was about to break up before recording.

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Various Artists: Global Underground 10

Although it's still mostly an underground concern, you can walk into any Best Buy or Circuit City around the country and find the latest Global Underground mix. This is certainly progress, of a sort.

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Louis Logic & JJ Brown: Misery Loves Comedy

You know how contradictory we are in hip-hop. We are gluttons for punishment mixed into our pleasure. Happily, there's an album that'll give us equal doses of both.

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Rascal Flatts: Me and My Gang

More of the sweet, sweet same.

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The Bangkok Five: Whos Gonna Take Us Alive?

They might have toured Canada with the Cult, but the Bangkok Five are along the lines of the Strokes and the Killers, making for a string of rousing primal pleasers.

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Venice is Sinking: Sorry About the Flowers

Venice is Sinking strikes a perfect blend of honest, lush orchestral songcraft that's sadly missing from today's self-conscious music scene.

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Hitchcock's 'Suspicion', 'I Confess' and 'The Wrong Man' Return in Blu-ray

// Short Ends and Leader

"These three films on DVD from Warner Archives showcase different facets of Alfred Hitchcock's brilliance.

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