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Wednesday, November 14 2001

Beachwood Sparks: 15 Nov 2001: The Troubadour - Santa Monica

Whether cultivating slow, tender blooms of sound, romanced with wistful narratives of loss and regeneration, or just disposing a reverberant stream of white noise, tonight the Sparks are never less than masterly.

Tuesday, November 13 2001

The Wash (2001)

Snoop makes an excellent Mean Face, snarling as he guns his fantastically acrobatic low-rider's engine.

Monday, November 12 2001

Radiohead: I Might Be Wrong—Live Recordings

I Might Be Wrong—Live Recordings gives a complete picture of Radiohead’s music—the fear, the recognition, and, in the guise of simple desire and devotion, the redemption.

Madonna: Greatest Hits Volume 2

As it stands, it’s the best summary of Madonna’s second decade as a performer we’re going to get—at least until a massive box set appears.

Green Day: International Superhits!

Bands like Green Day are truly the heirs of punk, not because they emerged from a real independent, D.I.Y. scene, but because they’ve maintained the style and attitude that make punk so appealing.


Spoon Dishes Out Solid Performance; Utensil Puns, However, Remain Tough to Come By I’m going to write about Spoon without referencing the Pixies or

Cali Comm Tour

Kicking off the Kansas City stop of the showcase of California hip-hop known as the Cali Comm tour, Motion Man came out on the stage

Various Artists: Club Bogaloo: Unlimited Freestyles Out of Nowhere

Club Bogaloo is a German dance hall located in Bavaria. Reinhard Wimmer and DJ Marcus Hacker created it in the ‘90s when the two formed

Zero 7: Simple Things

In this age of niche marketing it’s refreshing to encounter an album that defies the usual categories. Zero 7’s Simple Things could comfortably find

KeKe Wyatt: Soul Sista

If you’re going to the club or to the salon to get your hair done, then Ketara “KeKe” Wyatt is singing for you. The

The Michael Schenker Group: Be Aware of Scorpions

Be Aware of Scorpions, the title of the latest Michael Schenker Group offering, seems to have fueled speculation that there may be some sort of

    Shakira: Laundry Service

Maybe it's not your fault that you lost your nerve and made an extremely safe album. Maybe you were been talked into it by the Estefans. Their fingerprints are all over this record.

Busta Rhymes: Genesis

Busta Rhymes was a member of the acclaimed Long Island crew Leaders of the New School, but that means nothing, really. He was Busta but

Bob Marley: Exodus (Deluxe Edition)

“Rise oh fallen fighters/ Rise and take your stance again./ ‘Cause he who fight and run away/ Live to fight another day” —“The Heathen” In

The Movielife: The Movielife Has a Gambling Problem

The Movielife Has a Gambling Problem should make these boys stars. While the five-song EP is slight, it provides a glimpse of things to come.

Paul McCartney: Driving Rain / Mick Jagger: Goddess in the Doorway

Whereas experience has reinforced the stubbornness of Paul McCartney's devotion to romantic love, it has humbled Mick Jagger, confronting him with his own frailty, weakness and, ultimately, mortality.

Liars Academy: No News Is Good News

Punk pop never truly makes much sense. The spirit of punk and the spirit of pop are at odds with each other. Punk embraces rebellion,

Jewel: This Way

You Don’t Know Her At All“Poetry is a passage into those parts of our being where we understand who we have been and

Garrison: Be a Criminal

It’s easy to get lost in the sheer number of punk-influenced indie bands, with many of them utilizing the same musical touch points (The

Flanger: Inner Space/Outer Space

Beginning with a great German electro beat and vocal sample that sound like a promised delivery of the new wave of electro-disco sounds heard everywhere

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