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Monday, November 13 2000

    Ricky Martin: Sound Loaded

Ricky Martin is back and ready to please bon-bon shakers everywhere with the follow-up to his massively successful English-language debut, 1999’s Ricky Martin. The Menudo

    Geddy Lee: My Favorite Headache

The thought of recording a solo record apart from his band, Rush, was one that Geddy Lee had never fully entertained. When a series of

    Hochenkeit: Omu4h 4aholab/400 Boys

Swirling. Y’gotta admire a band that has an unpronounceable name (Hokken-keit? Da Hoch? Y’ down with th’Hoch? I’m a Hochhead man, Hochenkeit

Fisher: True North

You almost can’t help liking Fisher. Their combination of sensitively haunting lyrics with honest vocals is familiar but still compelling. While nothing on True

Elysian Fields: Queen of the Meadow

With song titles such as “Tides of the Moon” and “Fright Night,” it’s obvious where Elysian Fields’ interests lie. Exploring the darker sides of

The reviews coming out on The Beatles’ 1, an anthology of 27 songs that went to number one in Britain and America, have been largely anecdotal. That’

Roy Ayers: Best of Roy Ayers - Millenium Collection

The genius of Roy Ayers spans decades. From the ‘70s to the present day, his music continues to be supported by performers and audiences of

Monday, November 6 2000

    Sad Rockets: Transition

One thing Andrew Pekler, the sole member of Sad Rockets, is particularly adamant about is making sure his true-to-form, played-with-real-instruments and analog-recorded music is known

    Pru: self-titled

In addition to its invocation Miles Davis’ classic Sketches of Spain, one of the most striking features of Pru’s “Sketches of Pain” is the

    The Pharcyde: Plain Rap

Thank God for the next generation of hip-hop. About this time two years back, I had just about resigned myself to the fact that Snoop

    R. Kelly: TP-2.COM- PopMatters Music Review

It is my suspicion that critics and listening audiences have taken R. Kelly for granted. Simply put, he is arguably the most accomplished R&

    B.B. King: Anthology 1962-1998

B.B King’s guitar sound is immediately identifiable and hugely influential. The All-Music Guide is not exaggerating when they say, “A contemporary blues guitar

Thursday, November 2 2000

    Tino Izzo: Nostalgia Trails

Just as many times people rarely can describe why they’re drawn to a form of music other than speaking in generalities, “it’s restful”, “

Monday, October 30 2000

    Thee Michelle Gun Elephant: Gear Blues

On the surface, Japan’s Thee Michelle Gun Elephant inspires interest and amusement from their name to Gear Blues’ ultra-serious cover art, featuring the four

The Search for Saturnalia: Four Letters

Once upon a time, in the halcyon days of college rock and modern rock radio, it was possible and topical to talk about this strange

PJ Harvey: Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea

PJ Harvey storms into the opening bars of her new album with the force of a hurricane. It’s been two years since Harvey’s

Dakota Suite: Signal Hill

I recall reading a scathing review of Dakota Suite’s 1998 LP, Songs For a Barbed Wire Fence (I believe it was in the NME) which

Chicks on Speed: The Re-Releases of the Un-Releases

More of a sonic art project than a band, the three international women that make up Chicks on Speed exude a laid-back coolness during every

Cradle of Filth: Midian

The kind of quality one expects from a new Cradle of Filth record is constantly being upped with each successive release. With Midian, Dani Filth

Aluminum Group: Pelo

The Chicago pop band, Aluminum Group is changing directions again—which is OK. After all, when you’ve reached the top of the heap, you’

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