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Wednesday, July 17 2002


S E T    L I S T [2 July 2002][Ah, The Rocky Theme . . .]Friday Night GodsFloat AwayThe CatfishermanLeavingSoulPoint BreezeDreamingCrying on an AirplanePeople of the

Lift to Experience

It’s been over a year since the official release of Lift to Experience’s debut album, but most people hardly know they exist. I,

Elf Power + The Gerbils

Elf Power “Standard Elephant 6 fare” is how I heard one person describe the line-up of last Monday’s show at the Middle East in Cambridge,

Chargers Street Gang

In my review of Jucifer’s recent New York appearance, I remarked that I had found the band’s recorded work underwhelming, but their concert

Better Than Ezra

S E T    L I S T MisunderstoodGoodAllison FoleyRollingLive AgainExtra OrdinaryKing of New OrleansRosealiaAt the Stars/On FireWaxing or WaningThis Time of YearLifetimeDesperately

The Real World XI: Chicago

MTV's 'The Real World' has become a mainline for cultural propagation. The archetype of the 'reality tv' genre, this weekly, pretend-documentary consolidates, edits, and cannibalizes culture.

A Soldier of the Revolution by Ward Just

The novel treats a subject of current political debate: our President's peculiar enthusiasm for turning many of our social obligations over to 'faith based' philanthropic organizations.

Something to Declare by Julian Barnes

He scourges the catacombs of literature and prose, and presents you with a glittering selection of informative gems.

Our Post-Human Future: Consequences of the Biotechnology Revolution by Francis Fukuyama

According to Fukuyama, this Pandora's box can still be shut, but only if we marshal the appropriate scientific and political forces and legislate our way to a safer tomorrow.

Hell to Pay by George Pelecanos

Pelecanos is a lifelong resident of the nation's capital who has observed gentrification erode whatever character or sense of continuity the environment once possessed.

A Great, Silly Grin: The British Satire Boom of the 1960s by Humphrey Carpenter

Satire's audiences have always tended to come from the very section of society that is being satirized.

Great Presidential Wit (I Wish I Was in the Book) by Bob Dole

If you had your doubts about Dole before, this will only confirm the worst of them.

Bad Fads by Mark A. Long

College students are often credited with the more bizarre fads which seem to have all been popularized briefly, then forgotten as soon as another trend hit the scene.

Tuesday, July 16 2002

Various Artists: Carte Blanche 3

Rock writers are cagey creatures. By profession, they sift through a more-than-average amount of music, encounter their fair share of crap, try to find something

The Sex Pistols: self-titled

As the Pistols geared up for the release of 'God Save the Queen', scores of youths, scattered around Europe and elsewhere, sensed the imminent revolution: They dismissed David Bowie and Gary Glitter as bourgeois, listened to 'Anarchy in the UK', and as the last act of defiance, wore safety pins on their school uniforms.

Jeb Loy Nichols: Easy Now

Growing up in Missouri, Jeb Loy Nichols loved listening to Hank Williams and Merle Haggard, but along the way Al Green and Jimmy Cliff weren’

I Am the World Trade Center: The Tight Connection

Pop Culture has a rule of 20s: take a pop phenomenon (music, book, movie, you name it) and in 20 years it stands a great chance

Doleful Lions: Out Like a Lamb

“With wasted ways and summer days / And frightwigs have eclipsed the moon / On stout and lime and evening time / And ‘I’ve been in this

Dolly Varden: Forgiven Now

If emotional honesty is your true measure of how good a CD is, then I urge you to check out the outstanding and resilient strains

Mark Douthit: Groove

This represents a new venture from fledgling label Hillsboro, a move from traditional to smooth jazz. It will probably pay off. Douthit is a respected

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