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Thursday, February 20 2003

DJ Smash: Phonography: Volume 2

Acid jazz was never really a completely coherent genre. Instead it presented a grab bag of funky grooves from ‘60s and ‘70s soul jazz artists,

Ani Difranco: Evolve

Ani Difranco is a sort of modern-day Holden Caulfield. That is, if the subject of Catcher in the Rye would have been a bisexual female

Eric Andersen: Beat Avenue

Eric Andersen was in the same clique as Robert Zimmerman in the early ‘60s. Performing around the Greenwich Village coffeehouses and folk “cities”, the duo

ANTiSEEN: Drastic / E.P. Royalty

 ANTiSEEN Eat More Possum(TKO)Original US release dates: March 1993US reissue release date: 1 October 2002 by Mark DesrosiersPopMatters Features Editor and Columnist antiseen-drastic.jpg :.

The Life of David Gale (2003)

Only Clint Eastwood could have cooked up a more dramatic climax to an innocent-man-on-death-row plot, which he did, in True Crime.

Gerry (2002)

By turns daunting and absorbing, the film is about movement that seems hopeless, that takes you nowhere, that's increasingly slowed but also increasingly urgent.

Divine Intervention (2001)

Suleiman proves himself an essential voice in world cinema because his formalism is inextricable from the political moment it documents.

Daredevil (2003)

It's unlikely that this gloominess accounts for Daredevil's big success. There are any number of plausible explanations -- the 'Sexiest Man Alive' and his J. Lo glow, the promotional blitz, the Marvel machine. No matter. Bring the pain.

Dark Blue (2003)

This is a scary city, where scary figures hang out on scary corners and slouch with scary insouciance. No wonder the cops are tense.

Wednesday, February 19 2003

Unknown Quantity by Paul Virilio

A work of mourning -- mourning for a humanity, an earth which has lost control through globalisation, through the irresponsibility of power-crazy politicians and businessmen.

She’s Not There by Mary-Anne Tirone Smith

It is sparkling, sophisticated and heady -- and more than a little addictive.

Our Votes, Our Guns: Robert Mugabe and the Tragedy of Zimbabwe by Martin Meredith

An intense extrapolation of the crises that have sullied Zimbabwe over the last three decades.

Old Gods Almost Dead: The 40-Year Odyssey of the Rolling Stones by Stephen Davis

Deserves a spot on every bookshelf (Stones fan, or no Stones fan). And to the gentlemen of the Rolling Stones we have this to say: Thanks, and for our sake, please keep rockin'.

The Fall by Simon Mawer

Has little to do with mountain climbing and a lot to do with the general situation of humankind.

Tuesday, February 18 2003

Paul van Dyk: Global

The kind of techno music called trance, in the hands of Paul Oakenfold and other similar artists, is incredibly unpopular right now with a lot

The Violents: Rebecca’s Morning Voice

Anni Poppen, Aimee Rickman, and Sally Mundy of the Violents know you don’t need to trash a mall or wear a snarl to be

Sigur Rós: (  )

Rarely has the controversial (to reviewers and critics, at least) and variously-attributed adage—“writing about music is like dancing about architecture”—seemed more appropriate than

Lou Reed: The Raven

“The angels haggard and wanUnveiling and uprising affirmThat the play is the tragedy ‘Man’And its hero the Conqueror Worm.” > As I write this review,

Tom McRae: Just like Blood

Northern poet Simon Armitage’s “Say Say Say” is addressed “to those in the dark, at the back”. Tom McRae evidently views himself as one

El Guapo: Super/System

There’s a buzz fuzzing throughout El Guapo’s debut release on Dischord Records. Equal parts klezmer jazz, experimental dance-rock, fractured synth-pop, and cocktail noir,

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