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Sunday, June 2 2002

Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr.

They didn't need a presentation by the mayor to give them the keys to Las Vegas; they owned Vegas in all of its bohemian glory.

Friday, May 31 2002

Undercover Brother (2002)

Peppered with Chappellian hilarities (and the man can riff), it is more like Austin Powers than a hard-hitting satire, minus Mike Meyers' mania, plus Lee's deft direction and Griffin's own brand of energy.

Late Marriage (Hatouna Mehuheret) (2001)

A new comedy from Israel, could be funnier in a lot of ways, and more serious in others.

Profit and Nothing But! / A Grin Without a Cat / Diamonds and Rust - PopMatters Film Review )

At their best, documentaries can offer revelatory vistas of neglected worlds. These films offer singular perspectives -- they make journalism and artistic expression seem inextricable.

CQ (2001)

The subject of CQ is Paul, artist, coffee-drinker, American in Paris.

Thursday, May 30 2002

The Promise Ring: Wood/Water

Emo fans are fun to watch when they get mad. It’s like when guys like myself were metalheads years ago: you claim to be

Miguel Migs: Nude Tempo One

San Francisco’s Naked Music has released a lot of fantastic house music over the last few years, but for my money their all-time greatest

Corey Harris: Downhome Sophisticate

Do you ever get the feeling some kind of weird commandment went out recently to blues artists to really start pushing the creative envelope? I

Kenny Howes and the Yeah!: self-titled

No two ways about it, Kenny Howes writes and performs some excellent power pop. It only takes one listen to Kenny Howes and the Yeah!

Doves: The Last Broadcast

The Last Broadcast is far from a poor album. In fact, it has the elements of a great album, but it sounds like they got stuck halfway through or decided they had enough singles and cobbled the rest together hastily.

The Chieftains: The Chieftains 7 / The Chieftains 9: Boil the Breakfast Early

While U2 were turning Ireland’s beauty and strife into three-chord testaments, while the Pogues were busy being Ireland’s answer to the Replacements, and

Avant: Ecstasy

If this were a first effort I could see Ecstasy falling between two increasingly distant schools. Much of the album is too soft and silky

The Sum of All Fears (2002)

Tom Clancy's novels and the movies they spawn have never had much truck with credibility.

Bartleby (2001)

[The office] is a penitentiary for the non-criminal, and a continually witty and dry visual joke.

Astro Boy New Adventures (Shin Tetsuwan Atom) - Volume 1 - PopMatters Film Review )

I'm about to argue the cultural significance of a cartoon about a robot boy with machine-guns in his butt-cheeks.

Wednesday, May 29 2002

Antipop Consortium: Arrythmia

Okay, I have a problem with Warp Records’ press release that came with this record. I realize that we’re not supposed to review the

Saul Williams: Amethyst Rock Star

Saul Williams is one of the best poets in America. I watched him paralyze an entire auditorium with one poem at the National Poetry Slam

VHS Or Beta: Le Funk

There are certain aspects to America’s continued interest in revisiting one of its odder decades, the ‘70s. There have been great films that really

Traffic: The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys

Traffic made two or three rock masterpieces (Traffic, John Barleycorn Must Die, and probably Mr. Fantasy). While the band’s remaining albums are somewhat less

Retsin: Moon Money Moon

Retsin’s Tara Jane O’Neal and Cynthia Nelson have spent the majority of their careers creating, relatively speaking, rather difficult music. O’Neal made

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