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Thursday, March 28 2002

Panic Room (2002)

In lieu of plot or character, 'Panic Room' offers the house.

Clockstoppers (2002)

For a movie about messing with time, it is quite linear and conservative.

Journeys With George (2002)

Bush is many things to many people: a tyrant, a savior, a great guy, a shyster, a man of the people, and a moneyed elitist.

Wednesday, March 27 2002

Dwight Yoakam: South of Heaven, West of Hell

I used to have the Airplane! soundtrack. It was, quite literally, the soundtrack to the film: music plus lines and sound effects, everything. Putting it

Twangbangers: 26 Days on the Road

Remember that old diesel-powered country classic, “Six Days on the Road”? Things certainly are accelerating and vistas expanding if 26 Days on the Road is any

Shani: Call of the Wild

Unusual semi-success story, here: young Shani Rigsbee can sing beautifully, so her parents up and move from Hot Springs, Arkansas, to Los Angeles to help

Joey Ramone: Don’t Worry About Me

After nearly a year of mourning the passing of a rock and roll giant in Joey Ramone, after all the post 9-11 anxiety, the whole

Mirah: Advisory Committee

You feel dirty listening to Mirah. The distinct of feeling that you’ve stepped into someone’s private stash of recordings is rarely felt more

Norah Jones: Come Away with Me

Simplex munditiis. A few thousand years ago the great Latin poet Horace strung these words together in a valiant attempt to describe the scene of

Classical Jazz Quartet: The Nutcracker

The Classical Jazz Quartet is a versatile concept group that brings together the talents of pianist Kenny Barron, bassist Ron Carter, percussionist Stefon Harrison on

Monday, March 25 2002

The Walkmen: Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me Is Gone

There are some albums that only seem appropriate in certain contexts, that require a specific set of conditions to be properly enjoyed. This phenomenon is

Andrew WK: I Get Wet

Rock and roll music, at its very core, has always been inherently dumb. Whether it’s sociopolitical satire disguised as dumb (The Fugs), pop genius

Thursday, March 21 2002

Sorority Boys (2002)

If there is a movie that might make me agree with conservative pundits assailing the 'vulgarity' and gross-out humor of contemporary U.S. culture and much recent Hollywood teen fare, 'Sorority Boys' would be it.

Blade II (2002)

The Daywalker has his own agenda, still fever-dreaming and raging, but changed too.

Monday, March 18 2002

Super Furry Animals: Rings Around the World

Rife with energy and overflowing with ideas, experiments, and glorious pop hooks, Super Furry Animals make a huge, bold statement with this album: they want to be a great band, not merely a good band, and with Rings Around the World, they just might have accomplished that feat.

Patti Smith: Land (1975-2002)

Land is the long past due collection of Patti Smith’s greatest hits, the joke being that she lucked into a radio hit once with

Rye Coalition: On Top

With their debut full-length, Hee Saw Dhuh Kaet, Rye Coalition established itself as a fierce and chaotic rock ‘n’ roll band with a sense of

Glenn Lewis: World Outside My Window

It begins with those opening bars—déjà vu Stevie circa 1972 . . . “Superwoman” . . . Music on My Mind. And then the voice . . . Stevie? Naw that ain’t

The Herbaliser: Something Wicked This Way Comes

Not a lot of hip-hop will make you want to rock bell bottoms or bust out an afro pick. But something about the intricate grooves

Thursday, March 14 2002

Showtime (2002)

The trouble with 'Showtime' is that it never lets up on its self-congratulatory wink-winking.

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